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Poem: Krishna's Three Mothers by Vidhu Sharma

How can I be offended when someone tells me I was born to be a mother?

A life force energy that allows me to make another.

Hip bearing, caring, emulating the very nature that we are.

As if there is anything greater I could be than the creator itself.

Even God passed through a womb to walk the earth in human form.

Even God ate mud and butter and faced his mother's scorn.

Devaki, Yashoda, Guru maa, for them, nothing else felt more.

All else seems child's play when I can be the child's mother.

- Vidhu Sharma

A celebration of Krishna and the three women who mothered him:

- Devaki, the mother who birthed him

- Yashoda, the mother who brought him up

- Guru maa, the mother who cared for him during his education

Vidhu Sharma

Spoken Word Poet


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